The Sunday School

The present building next to the church was built entirely by volunteers in 1960. 
It replaced an existing building that was on the site since the early 1900s.

old Sunday school 01

The old Sunday school in the 1950s

old 2 ss
old 3 ss

The new Sunday school Groundbreaking

A core group of five soon developed to work on the project. That group consisted of Freddy Eggers, Bill Stennet, Boots Maphet, Don Lanningham, and Frank Tingley. From time to time others came forward to add their skills and labor to the project. Among them were Wes Rahn, Glen Howell, Earl Howell, Charlie Schmidt and Jim Voght. 


In January 1961 the children were moved into their new, warm Sunday school building. The new building would have enough classrooms for all the children and a basement to be able to hold the church suppers.                                                                                                   

Halloween event

Camp Dennison Civic League Halloween Event

Community Yard Sale

Community Yard Sale

Today it serves as a Sunday school, election polling station and year-round building for community events. 

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